Filtration | HealthcareTest Strips

SaatiCare fabrics enable diagnostic tests to be performed at their maximum level.

SaatiCare fabrics function as pre-filters, spacers, supports, sample collectors, conductive paths, and flow control media. They’re used for fluid handling, sample preparation, reagent delivery, and as a carrier for membranes. The uniform mesh-type weave provides high wicking (lateral flow) rates for faster assay performance. Materials, pore sizes, flow rates, and surface treatments can be selected to provide the maximum performance for a specific device.

Fabricated parts

  • US slitted ribbons

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    SAATI offers a wide range of solutions for the following Industries:



    Graphics - Electronics - Apparel - Glass - Ceramic - CD



    Screen printing emulsions - Screen prep & reclaim chemicals



    Automotive - Healthcare - Water - Appliance - Acoustics - Food - Process



    Aramid fabrics - Glass fabrics - Ballistic panels