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SaatiCare fabrics are woven with monofilament polyester or polyamide fibers with smooth and uniform surfaces that are particularly suitable for medical applications. The monofilament fibers are non-shedding to reduce the risk of particulate contamination. The fibers are woven to exceptionally tight tolerances, creating uniform pore sizes, excellent strength, and good dimensional stability.

  • Precise pore sizes provide exceptionally selective filtration
  • Particulates and air bubbles of a specific size can be removed without affecting red blood cells
  • High open areas provide high flow rates with minimal pressure loss
  • The uniform pressure drop provides consistent air pressure monitoring in spirometers
  • Smooth monofilament fibers and straight-through flow paths reduce the risk of hemolysis
  • Fabrics for medical applications can be specially finished to reduce pyrogens and contaminants
  • SaatiCare fabrics conform to USP Class VI
  • Fabrics are safe for gamma sterilization and autoclaving.

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    Screen printing emulsions - Screen prep & reclaim chemicals



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