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SAATI, with its 80-year history, has always believed in rewarding excellence. The company is always on the look out for ambitious people, whether at the start of their career or with significant experience behind them.

SAATI has a workforce of approximately 900 employees, more than half of which work in the company's seven manufacturing and sales facilities situated abroad, in the United States, China, Korea, Germany, France, Spain and India. At SAATI, you will find a stimulating and international environment that rewards creativity, flexibility and a willingness to put oneself to the test to achieve challenging goals that contribute to the company's success.

SAATI pays particular attention to the development of talent and provides work opportunities to young graduates* and school-leavers**, also through six-month internships.

Our selection process is very thorough, as befits a company that bases its success on meticulous attention to detail. Candidates are assessed for their professional, technical and academic excellence, and also for compatibility with SAATI's principles and values, such as an international mindset, openness to innovation and change with a goal of achieving continuous improvement , and a results-oriented approach.

The talent and motivation of each and every individual are, on one hand, the real competitive advantage of SAATI, and on the other, the winning element of the entire HR management system.

Being part of SAATI is synonymous with participation, collaboration, integration, team-working and team-building. These are the company's distinctive, driving elements, and indeed distinguish the people who contribute to the growth of the Group on a daily basis.

SAATI staff may grow both vertically and horizontally, through career paths spanning various business departments, while always respecting the aspirations, motivations and aptitudes of employees. To foster the growth of our staff, we offer training and experiential learning sessions aimed at obtaining the skills and experience necessary to grow within the organisation. Furthermore, we also offer the chance to work at our foreign subsidiaries.

If you want to be a part of SAATI's future success and carve out a career path that reflects your aspirations, please send your CV or apply for the role that best suits your profile with the application below, following the procedure provided.

* Graduates
We are always on the look out for young candidates who have successfully completed their course of study and who are willing to get involved in a dynamic and challenging multinational context. At SAATI, you will be able to experience what it means to take on new challenges and, through these, to build a career that will allow you to grow through teamwork, knowledge sharing and collaboration. Are you ready to join our team? We collaborate and have active agreements with leading universities and research centres.

** School-leavers
We regularly select young school-leavers from technical, industrial and vocational institutes. The ideal candidate has received specific training in the textile, chemical, mechanical or technical field in general, has the ability to work in teams, is aware of safety issues and has a keen interest in technological innovation. SAATI has close ties with many educational institutions in the area, with which it collaborates closely for curricular practical training.