SaatiTech offers many types of standard products including fabrics, accessories, adhesives and equipment, as well as, custom products and special finishes. Whether you are looking for materials to serve a specific purpose or industry or if you are trying to identify what materials may be best in a new application, SaatiTech has products which prove to be an excellent choice in meeting and exceeding your requirements.

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Precision woven polyamide (PA) monofilament fibers. Mesh opening sizes may range from 7 microns to 1920 microns. Nylon materials offer a high abrasion resistance and are an excellent choice with fuel and high alkaline environments.

Precision woven polyester (PETP) monofilament fibers. Mesh opening sizes range from 7 microns to 2140 microns. Polyester materials offer a high tensile strength and good chemical resistance in acidic environments.


Precision woven polypropylene monofilament fibers. Mesh opening sizes range from 85 microns to 980 microns. Polypropylene materials work very week in harsh chemical environments (see chemical resistance chart).


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SaatiCare Hyphyl is a unique hydrophilic surfactant coating (FDA-approved organis salt based) that dramatically increases the amount of liquid transferred to lower layers of a test strip as well as increasing the spreading area of a drop of liquid.


SaatiCare fabrics are medical grade materials which are specially cleaned for medical/blood contact applications. SaatiCare materials offer high open areas and high flow rates with minimal pressure drop.


SaatiFil Acoustex fabrics are designed for acoustical applications requiring consistant performance and excellent dB levels. SaatiFil Acoustex have very predictable sound transmission and damping characteristics. A standard set of materials insures quick delivery. Saatifil Acoustex materials are available in Polyester and Metalester.


Light, flexible polyester fabrics can be metalized with nickle so they reflect electromagnetic energy and bleed off static charge. Metalized materials are an excellent choice in electronic applications which require electronic shielding.


SaatiTech Hyphobe materials have a specially engineered surface coating which reduces the passage of water through the material. Hyphobe materials enable the separation of water from oil-based liquids.


SaatiMil screens are precision woven for accurate high-capacity particle separation. The SaatiMil line is ideal for the screening and separating procedures used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and mining industries.


SaatiTech offers a complete line of woven wire cloth materials. Products include various grades of stainless steel (market grade, mill grade and bolting cloth), for use in critical and non-critical filtration applications.


SaatiBelt materials incorporate many of our standard nylon and polyester materials, as well as special fabrics such as kevlar, teflon coated fiberglass and silicone. Belts can be manufactured to customer supplied specifications to meet the requirements of specific applications.

Two or more layers of fabric fused together. Delicate fine layers of fabric supported by sturdy coarse fabrics. Multi-layering is available for many fabricated filter elements such as tubes, pleated parts, plottered shapes, etc.