DCF 15 Capillary

DCF-15 is a 15-micron green capillary photo stencil film specifically formulated for ultra fine halftone and line printing. DCF-15 will give a controlled stencil profile over a wide mesh range from 305 and finer. The low stencil profile and optimized Rz of this film gives superb dot reproduction and minimizes skipping effects often seen when printing fine halftones with UV ink. DCF-15 can be used with conventional UV and solvent-based inks

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DCF Capillary

SaatiPrint DCF Series Capillary Film is designed for use with all solvent based inks. It varies in color depending on micron thickness and comes in six different thicknesses.


SaatiPrint EG1000 is a pre-sensitized stencil film specifically designed for the high-resolution requirements of the electronics industry. The blue emulsion is coated on a 2-mil polyester support. EG1000 has a surface coating that prevents sticking in conditions of high humidity.



ExactJet is a waterproof film specifically designed to produce professional quality film positives from your inkjet printer. ExactJet is a specially coated polyester film that accepts inkjet ink without smearing. ExactJet quickly dries to produce a waterproof film positive. Water resistance is an important feature to have in a film positive considering the damp environment typical of the screen preparation area of your shop. ExactJet provides a cost effective alternative to having your artwork done by expensive outsourced professionals. ExactJet allows any image to be transferred directly from your computer to film. The result is a durable, waterproof film positive that can be used as often as required by your printing runs. and 17" x 22" sheets .

FILM Prepping Roller

A silicone rubber roller with a slight tack, to safely remove dust, dirt and lint from your screens, films and other photographic materials. Using the Film Prepping Roller as a dependable way to minimize the risk of these particles interfering with your screen-making and printing. A protective case holds the 3-inch long roller, with a diameter of approximately 11⁄4 inches. The Film Prepping Roller is cleaned easily by running it under water while rubbing the roller gently with your finger or a cloth.


Masking Film

SaatiPrint Masking Film is a high quality film available in both ruby-red and orange-amber colors. Made to our exact specifications, there are no finer films made. Our films are coated onto a clear stable polyester base of .003" and .005" thicknesses. Their medium tack makes the film easy to peel. The film will re-adhere to the carrier when required. SaatiPrint Masking Film is very forgiving if a mistake or over-cut is made.

Premium Red

SaatiPrint Premium Red Stencil Film represents the result of years of work to create the finest stencil available. As the industry has developed, so has the need for a film that meets its evolving needs. This film provides sharper edge definition. It also offers better adhesion to polyester mesh, without the use of unfriendly chemicals.



SaatiPrint SM1000 is a dark red pre-sensitized stencil film coated on a 0.002 inch thick polyester support. Although used originally as a solder mask film, its appeal has become universal. Typical uses are printed circuit boards, nameplates and fine decals. SM1000 holds extremely fine detail on polyester and stainless steel mesh. It is ideal for use when you must hold image growth to an absolute minimum. SM1000 is able to hold its resolution due to the special gelatin which enables maximum adhesion without squashing detail. Can be developed with SaatiPrint 1 & 2 Developer or hydrogen peroxide. 48" x 300".

SaatiChem THIK Backing Emulsion

• Use with THIK Film to increase stencil durability

• Blue emulsion used with red THIK Film helps ensure optimum exposure

SaatiChem THIK Film

THIK Film is a presensitized high-density capillary film now offered by SaatiChem, the leader in emulsion technology. THIK Film features a specially formulated red photopolymer emulsion that ensures a faster exposure, consistent stencil thickness, and excellent printing results every time. THIK Film is durable and a great time saver, enabling the production of thick stencils in one process. It can simply be applied to a wet screen or laminated with SaatiChem THIK Backing Emulsion for increased durability.


• Easy to handle
• High resolution
• Minimal exposure time
• Ideal for ceramics, electronics, and textile applications
• Excellent durability
• Time save in screen preparation
• Extended shelf life
• Great print quality
• Perfect for high-density printing


SaatiFlash CTS 15 Capillary Film

SaatiFlash CTS 15, a light sensitive capillary film specially developed by SaatiChem for use with SaatiPrint CTS IMAGER. SaatiFlash CTS 15 is a high-precision capillary film with pure photopolymer emulsion, thickness 15 microns. Ideal for an accurate ink deposit. SaatiFlash CTS 15 guarantees excellent Rz-value, high resolution, wide latitude, resistant to solvents, abrasion and UV-inks and is easy to apply and reclaim.