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MSDS Sheet

MSDS Sheet
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emulsions are designed specifically for the garment and textile industries. The TEXTIL range encompasses pure photopolymer, dual-cure, diazo, and our unique triple-cure technologies along with emulsions specifically for making very thick stencils or coating a very coarse mesh. This family represents the most technically updated range of direct emulsions to screen most delicate designs that often bear the name of famous fashion houses.

Textil PV

• The durable and fast garment photopolymer emulsion

Textil PHW Red

• The photopolymer emulsion designed for high-density printing

Textil HT

• Produces permanent, waterproof stencils for textile printing
• Use with SaatiChem Fixer 9

Textil DW and Textil DW Clear

• An economical plastisol and water-resistant emulsion

Textil DV

• Faster exposing and easier reclaiming version of Textil DW for plastisol printing

Textil PEW

• The projection emulsion for water-based printing

Textil PC Blue

• Blue pure photopolymer direct emulsion resistant to plastisol ink, abrasion and humidity