SaatiChem gives you everything you need in a dual-cure emulsion—minus the tackiness. Coated screens feel dry, not sticky or rubbery. Image distortion from blanket stretch is minimized during exposure. Drag and wear on the squeegee and stencil are reduced during printing. And chatter marks are eliminated on the print.

See our nonstick products—Grafic HU, Grafic PU, Ceramic HU, Vitrum HU, and Vitrum HHU.


SaatiChem’s triple-cure technology provides unsurpassed durability among water-based emulsions. When the stencil is post-treated with catalyst, the triple-curing system is activated and transforms an easy-to-reclaim, solvent-resistant stencil into a permanent waterproof stencil that retains the high resolution traditionally achieved with dual-cure emulsion. This unique technology is ideal for printers requiring extreme water or abrasion resistance.

See our triple-cures – Textil HT, Vitrum HT, and Ceramic HT.


SaatiChem offers the most complete range of specialized photopolymers in the industry. Designed with specific features such as speed, resolution, and toughness, our photopolymers outperform the competition because they are extensively customized.

SaatiChem projection emulsions are the fastest available. In addition, Grafic PES has unsurpassed resolution and exposure latitude, and Textil PEW exhibits superior water resistance. For garment printing, Textil PV combines speed and durability. Textil PHW Red and Ceramic PHW Red yield stencils 1000 microns thick. Grafic PU combines the convenience of photopolymer with the versatility and quality of dual-cure—no mixing or shelf-life issues, yet fast exposure plus high resolution and definition, and compatibility with all inks.