Saati is a textile-chemical company Located in Northern Italy, a leader in the production of systems for advanced composites.

Thanks to its ongoing research and development work, the company offers a wide range of fabrics, which include the following:

Texindustria® which offers an extremely wide range of dry fabrics and tapes in carbon, aramid, HT polyethylene, E - S and R glass fibres, and unidirectional and multi-axial materials, as well as hybrid fabric such as carbon/glass, carbon/aramid, aramid/glass, polyethylene/glass.

Texipreg® which manufactures unidirectional prepregs, fabrics and multi-axial prepregs, using epoxy, phenolic and thermoplastic resin systems formulated by Saati.

Concreflex® dedicated to applications in civil engineering and architectural restoring (fabrics, tapes, resins, panels).

Saati Marine® which is a new product line devoted to the marine industry.

Furthermore Saati is proud to introduce new applications with its thermoplastic systems called Texiplast® and with its TG systems (≥ 370°C) CE661. These products can be processed by customers directly in the press mould and obtain parts with nice surface, high shock resistance and good reversibility, helping to solve recycling problems. These products are suitable for the automotive field, sports/leisure and generally for panels.

Saati products are all manufactured under ISO 9001 certification, which provides customers with an added degree of quality assurance.