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Saatiamericas is a global leader for the development, production and marketing of high-quality textile and chemical products with 75 years of experience and unrivalled know-how, which extends a 360 degree range of industries from Screen-Printing, Medical Filtration, Acoustics, and Chemical Manufacturing to Composite and Ballistic Protection. Screen-Printing - Saatiprint: We offer total systems of screen making equipment & supplies. Mesh, adhesives, frames, screen prep chemicals, emulsions, stencil films, reclaiming chemicals, screen stretchers, dryers, washout sinks, exposure units, QC equipment. Also squeegee, and UV inks. Filtration - Saatitech: Mesh for medical, acoustics, sifting, automotive, diagnostics, milling, appliance, liquids, powders. Fabricated and stamped parts, tubes, pouches. Slit to width with custom coating such as hydropillic, hydrophobic. Metalized mesh, fashion applications. Chemicals - Saatichem: Photographic emulsions for screen printing & industrial applications. Emulsion types: Photopolymer, Dual cure, Diazo, Solvent and water resistant. Formulations for enhanced durability, resolution and definition. Screen stretching adhesives, Instant cure and 2 part systems. Screen preperation chemicals, degreasers and roughening agents. Screen reclaiming chemicals for emulsion. Press wash ink removers and ink stained image removal, hand cleaners and various sundry chemicals. Composites - Saati: Woven composite fabrics such as carbon and fiberglass for light weight structural applications including but not limited to: Aerospace, automotive, wind energy, recreation equipment, marine, medical, industrial, military, architectural and other. Protection - Saati: Woven aramid (Kevlar (trademark logo DuPont)) fabrics for ballistic protection. Applications: Bullet resistant vests, armor panels, stab resistant vest material. Law Enforcement and Military applications. For 75 years, SAATI fabrics and chemicals have sold into countless industrial applications. Anywhere precision woven screen fabric is required, you will find SAATI!
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